Jeremy Heyl: Professor
Harvey Richer: Professor

Postdoctoral Fellows

Denis Gonzalez: CITA National Fellow

Radiative transfer, X-ray polarimetry, neutron stars

Graduate Students

Leesa Fleury: Doctoral Candidate (NSERC CGSD)

Stellar evolution with axions: especially the cooling of white dwarfs

Demet Kirmizibayrak: Doctoral Student

Studying black holes with novel new X-ray timing techniques

Dave Miller: Masters Student

Finding White Dwarfs in Open Clusters

Javiera Parada: Doctoral Candidate

Carbon Stars as Standard Candles

Paul Ripoche: Doctoral Student (UBC 4YF)

Resonant tidal interactions in neutron-star binary inspirals

Doctoral Alumni

Ilaria Caiazzo: Burke Fellow at Caltech

QED and X-ray polarization from neutron stars and black holes

White dwarfs, brown dwarfs, X-ray polarization from neutron stars and black holes

Ramandeep Gill: Postdoctoral Fellow at the George Washington University

Astrophysical plasmas near strongly magnetized compact objects

Ryan Goldsbury: Director Of Research and Development at 3vGeomatics

White dwarf populations in globular clusters

Kelsey Hoffman: Visiting Scholar at Bishop’s University

Neutron star metallurgy

Anand Thirumalai: Assistant Professor at DigiPen Institute of Technology

Aspects of magnetic fields in the late stages of stellar evolution

Undergraduate Alumni

Asha Asvathaman
Alistair Barton
Van Bettauer
Helen Du
Ronald Gagne
Flora Ge
Ramandeep Gill
Rachel Gledhill
Steffani Grondin
Magnus Haw
Amber Hollinger
Ronan Kerr
Derek MacKay
Chris Mann
Mark McAnerin
Alysa Obertas
James Hegarty O’Dowd
Conor Omand
Matthew Penrice
Chenruo (John) Qi
Katie Rink
Maryum Sayeed
Ryan Shannon
Sarah Thiele
Hong Tsui
Chenoa van den Boogaard
Matthew Willet
Melody Wong
Bi Cheng Wu
Mona Zhao