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17 January 2022

14 January 2022

13 January 2022

12 January 2022

11 January 2022: INT Seminar

11 January 2022

10 January 2022

7 January 2022

6 January 2022

5 January 2022

  • arXiv:2201.00823 [pdf, other] Are the Newly-Discovered z∼13 Drop-out Sources Starburst Galaxies or Quasars?
  • arXiv:2201.00829 [pdf, other] Towards RNA life on Early Earth: From atmospheric HCN to biomolecule production in warm little ponds
  • arXiv:2201.00833 [pdf, ps, other] Astrometric excess noise in Gaia EDR3 and the search for X-ray binaries
  • arXiv:2201.01135 [pdf, other] On the Sweet-Parker model for incompressible visco-resistive magnetic reconnection in two dimensions associated to ideal magnetohydrodynamic instabilities

4 January 2022

3 January 2022

30 December 2021

28 December 2021

24 December 2021

23 December 2021

22 December 2021

21 December 2021

  • arXiv:2112.09699 [pdf, other] Luminosity functions consistent with a pulsar-dominated Galactic Center Excess
  • arXiv:2112.09701 [pdf, other] A Systematic Exploration of Kilonova Candidates from Neutron Star Mergers During the Third Gravitational Wave Observing Run
  • arXiv:2112.09708 [pdf, other] Self-confinement of low-energy cosmic rays around supernova remnants
  • arXiv:2112.09711 [pdf, other] Constraining the properties of dense neutron star cores: The case of the low-mass X-ray binary HETE J1900.1-2455
  • arXiv:2112.09730 [pdf, ps, other] Binary neutron star mergers within kaon condensation: GW170817
  • arXiv:2112.09773 [pdf, other] Electromagnetic signatures from supermassive binary black holes approaching merger
  • arXiv:2112.09782 [pdf, other] Sudden discharge of young charged magnetars as a new model for FRBs
  • arXiv:2112.09817 [pdf, other] Handing-Off the Outcome of Binary Neutron Star Mergers for Accurate and Long-Term Post-Merger Simulations
  • arXiv:2112.09989 [pdf, other] On the Spectral Evolution of Hot White Dwarf Stars. II. Time-dependent Simulations of Element Transport in Evolving White Dwarfs with STELUM
  • arXiv:2112.10185 [pdf] Gaia EDR3 data of post-AGB stars with overabundance of s-process elements and their evolutionary status and binarity
  • arXiv:2112.10633 [pdf, other] Predictions for neutron stars from holographic nuclear matter
  • arXiv:2112.09716 (cross-list from hep-ph) [pdf, other] Solar mass black holes from neutron stars and bosonic dark matter

20 December 2021

17 December 2021

16 December 2021

15 December 2021

  • arXiv:2112.07644 [pdf, other] INTEGRAL Results on Gamma-Ray Bursts and Polarization of Hard X-ray Sources
  • arXiv:2112.07023 [pdf, other] The Fast Radio Burst-emitting magnetar SGR 1935+2154 — proper motion and variability from long-term Hubble Space Telescope monitoring
  • arXiv:2112.07017 [pdf, other] Filamentation of Fast Radio Bursts in magnetar winds
  • arXiv:2112.06992 [pdf, other] Second generation star formation in globular clusters of different masses
  • arXiv:2112.06968 [pdf, other] Astrophysical Distance Scale IV. Preliminary Zero-Point Calibration of the JAGB Method in the HST/WFC3-IR Broad J-Band (F110W) Filter

10-14 December 2021

9 December 2021

  • 2112.03933 [pdf, other] Spinning black holes magnetically connected to a Keplerian disk — Magnetosphere, reconnection sheet, particle acceleration and coronal heating
  • 2112.03938 [pdf, other] Anisotropic magnetized white dwarfs: Unifying under- and over-luminous peculiar and standard type Ia supernovae
  • 2112.03940 [pdf, other] Estimating the ages of open star clusters from properties of their extended tidal tails
  • 2112.03990 [pdf, other] Locating Red Supergiants in the Galaxy NGC 6822
  • 2112.04010 [pdf, other] A New Classification Model for the ZTF Catalog of Periodic Variable Stars
  • 2112.04318 [pdf, other] Luminosities and masses of single Galactic Post-Asymptotic Giant Branch (Post-AGB) stars with distances from Gaia EDR3: the revelation of an s-process diversity

8 December 2021

7 December 2021

  • 2112.03189 [pdf, other] Masses of White Dwarf Binary Companions to Type Ia Supernovae Measured from Runaway Velocities
  • 2112.02943 [pdf, ps, other] Pre-explosive accretion and simmering phases of Type Ia Supernovae
  • 2112.02914 [pdf, other] No Pulsar Companion Around the Nearest Low Mass White Dwarf
  • 2112.02837 [pdf, other] A significant detection of X-ray Polarization in Sco X-1 with PolarLight and constraints on the corona geometry
  • 2112.02460 [pdf, ps, other] Magnetars as Laboratories for Strong Field QED
  • 2112.02794 [pdf, other] The Spin of New Black Hole Candidate: MAXI J1803-298 Observed by NuSTAR and NICER

6 December 2021

  • 2112.02050 [pdf, other] The physics governing the upper truncation mass of the globular cluster mass function
  • 2112.01888 [pdf, other] Unveiling the nature of SgrA* with the geodesic motion of S-stars
  • 2112.01761 [pdf, other] Comprehensive power spectral density analysis of the Fermi-LAT γ-ray light curves of selected blazars
  • 2112.01670 [pdf, other] Wave-optical effects in the microlensing of continuous gravitational waves by star clusters

3 December 2021

  • r-process Nucleosynthesis and Kilonovae from Hypermassive Neutron Star Remnants: 2112.00772
  • Unbound Close Stellar Encounters in the Solar Neighborhood: 2112.00852
  • Mode changing in J1909−3744: the most precisely timed pulsar: 2112.00897
  • Non-analytic behavior of the relativistic r-modes in slowly rotating neutron stars: 2112.01171
  • The Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE): Pre-Launch: 2112.01269

2 December 2021

  • Mercury as the relic of Earth and Venus’ outward migration: 2112.00044
  • ULX Pulsar: 2112.00339
  • The Peculiar Behavior of Burst Oscillations in the Accreting Millisecond X-ray Pulsar XTE J1814-338: 2112.00612
  • Physics of radio emission in the long-period pulsars: 2112.00640

1 December 2021

30 November 2021

29 November 2021

25 November 2021

23 November 2021

  • Pulsar Polarization Arrays : 2111.10615
  • The Theory of Efficient Particle Acceleration at Shocks: 2111.10629
  • Evolution of random initial magnetic fields in stably stratified and barotropic stars: 2111.10673
  • Highly sensitive search for magnetic fields in white dwarfs using broad-band circular polarimetry: 2111.11174
  • Arecibo observations of a burst storm from FRB 20121102A in 2016: 2111.11282

22 November 2021

19 November 2021

  • Theoretical Distributions of Short-Lived Radionuclides for Star Formation in Molecular Clouds: 2111.09781
  • VLA proper motion constraints on the origin, age, and potential magnetar future of PSR J1734−3333 2111.09788

18 November 2021

  • Faint objects in motion: the new frontier of high precision astrometry: 2111.08709
  • Secular chaos in white-dwarf planetary systems: 2111.08716
  • Detection of a ∼100,000 M⊙ black hole in M31’s most massive globular cluster: A tidally stripped nucleus: 2111.08720
  • Stellar proper motions in the outskirts of classical dwarf spheroidal galaxies with Gaia EDR3 : 2111.08737
  • Planets or asteroids? A geochemical method to constrain the masses of White Dwarf pollutants: 2111.08779
  • Reaching Diverse Groups in Long-Term Astronomy Public Engagement Efforts 2111.08783
  • Thermal and nonthermal emission in the optical-UV spectrum of PSR B0950+08 2111.08801
  • On the nature of the X-ray pulsar XTE J1859+083 and its broadband properties 2111.08997
  • The updated BaSTI stellar evolution models and isochrones. III. White Dwarfs 2111.09285
  • New results on orbital resonances 2111.09289
  • Stability criterion for white dwarfs in Palatini f(R) gravity 2111.08029

17 November 2021

  • UV Spectropolarimetry of the ISM: 2111.08079
  • Alternatives to Lambda: 2111.08086
  • Vacuum Energy Density Measured from Cosmological Data: 2111.08151
  • axion wiggles in photon spectra 2111.08303
  • Inspection of 19 globular cluster candidates in the Galactic bulge with the VVV survey: 2111.08317
  • Analytic model of the spectral properties of gravitational waves from neutron star merger remnants 2111.08353
  • MKIDs in Astro: 2111.08576
  • MKIDs in X-rays for Holmes: 1509.05237
  • AXP spectral modeling: 2111.08584

16 November 2021

15 November 2021

12 November 2021

11 November 2021

10 November 2021

9 November 2021

8 November 2021

5 November 2021

  • Highly magnetized white dwarfs: implications and current status 2110.15374
  • Some Thoughts on the Convective Urca Process. 2111.00132
  • Faraday rotation in fast radio bursts2111.00281
  • Electromagnetic neutrino: The basic processes and astrophysical probes 2111.00469
  • Radio and X-ray observations of giant pulses from XTE J1810-197 2111.01641
  • On the Origin of Pulsar and Magnetar Magnetic Fields 2111.01814
  • Hunting for open clusters in Gaia EDR3: 664 new open clusters found with OCfinder. 2111.01819
  • Photo-astrometric distances, extinctions, and astrophysical parameters for Gaia EDR3 stars brighter than G=18.5 2111.01860
  • A deep ensemble approach to X-ray polarimetry 2111.03047