Our group’s research interests range over the following areas:

  • Cosmology, galaxy formation, evolution and mergers,
  • Stellar evolution,
  • Properties of materials and the vacuum in ultrastrong magnetic fields,
  • Physics of white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes,
  • Magnetic and relativistic stellar structure,
  • General relativity.


Carbon Stars as Standard Candles

Our second paper on carbon stars as standard candles has just been accepted. Check it out. arXiv:2011.11681  [pdf, other]: Carbon stars as standard candles: II. The median J magnitude as a distance indicator Authors: Javiera Parada, Jeremy Heyl, Harvey Richer, Paul Ripoche, Laurie Rousseau-Nepton Here is the first paper too: arXiv:2005.05539  [pdf, other], doi 10.1093/mnras/staa1346: …

X-ray Polarisation from X-ray Pulsars

We have just published two new papers on the X-ray polarisation from accreting X-ray pulsars. These are the first new models in nearly forty years! arXiv:2009.00631  [pdf, other]: Polarisation of Accreting X-ray Pulsars. I. A New ModelAuthors: Ilaria Caiazzo, Jeremy Heyl arXiv:2009.00634  [pdf, other], doi 10.1093/mnras/staa3429: Polarisation of Accreting X-ray Pulsars. II. Hercules X-1Authors: Ilaria …

Major Projects

  • Canada’s Flagship X-ray Telescope
  • White Dwarfs as Probes of Stellar Evolution and Fundamental Physics
  • X-ray Polarization of Neutron Stars and Black Holes
  • Carbon Stars as Standard Candles

Key Question

How is our understanding of astrophysical phenomena connected with our understanding of fundamental physics?