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Current Position

Professor and Canada Research Chair at the Unversity of British Columbia in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, July 2013-

Previous Positions

Associate professor and Canada Research Chair at the Unversity of British Columbia in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, July 2008-June 2013

Assistant professor and Canada Research Chair at the Unversity of British Columbia in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, August 2003-June 2008

Chandra postdoctoral scholar in astrophysics at Harvard University’s Center for Astrophysics, Theoretical Astrophysics Division, September 2000-July 2003.

Lee A. DuBridge Postdoctoral Scholar in Theoretical Astrophysics. Theoretical Astrophysics and Relativity Group, California Institute of Technology, January 1998-August 2000.


University of California, Santa Cruz, October 1994-December 1997, Ph.D., Board of Studies in Astronomy. I worked with my supervisor, Lars Hernquist, to understand the properties of materials and the vacuum in very strong magnetic fields, as found on the surfaces of neutron stars with particular emphasis on heat transfer through the highly magnetized envelope.

University of Cambridge, October 1993-September 1994, M.Sc., Institute of Astronomy and Fitzwilliam College; moved with supervisor, R. S. Ellis, and transferred work at Durham to Cambridge. I also began working with C. S. Frenk, S. M. Cole and J. F. Navarro on a series on numerical simulations of galaxy formation and translating the results of these experiments into observational predictions.

University of Durham, October 1992-October 1993, working toward an M.Sc. For the M.Sc. with R. S. Ellis, I determined the evolution of the galaxy luminosity function through a first analysis of the AUTOFIB galaxy redshift survey. The analysis included classification of the sources by means of their spectra to determine the k-corrections and in the process to create the largest, deep catalogue of galaxies with morphology information. My research included preparing and performing an observing campaign using AUTOFIB at the AAT.

Princeton University, September 1988-June 1992, A.B. summa cum laude, Astrophysical Sciences and Certification of Proficiency in Russian Studies with Distinction. For my undergraduate thesis with D. N. Spergel and Lars Hernquist I analyzed galaxy merger simulations from an observational viewpoint with the goal of understanding the signatures of merger remnants and comparing in detail merger remnants with elliptical galaxies.


Canada Research Chair, 2003-2013.
Chandra Fellowship, 2000-2003.
Achievement Reward for College Scientists, 1996.
Phi Beta Kappa, Northern California Association Scholar, 1995.
National Science Foundation Fellow, 1994-1997.
Marshall Scholar, 1992-1994.
Barry Goldwater Scholar, 1990-1992.
Princeton Department of Physics Manfred Pyka Prize, 1989.
Thomas J. Watson Scholar, 1988-1992.
American Chemical Society Olympiad Finalist, 1988.

Summer Positions

Visitor, The Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, July-September 1992, studied AGN as an extragalactic source of ultra-high energy gamma rays with Yu. N. Gnedin and participated in a continuing survey of primary spectrophotometric standard stars at Pulkovo’s subsidiary observatory near Urtsalanj, Armenia.

Summer Student Researcher, National Astronomical and Ionospheric Center, Arecibo, Puerto Rico, June-August 1991, observed OH/IR stars with B. M. Lewis and examined the progression of AGB stars from Mira variables to PPN.

Summer Student Researcher, Princeton University Observatory, Princeton, New Jersey, June-September 1989, compiled, under the supervision of J. E. Gunn, a catalogue of composite spectra of typical stars from the IUE and Gunn-Stryker catalogues for spectral synthesis studies.

Research Interests

Simulations and observations of galaxy formation, mergers and evolution
Properties of materials in ultrastrong magnetic fields
Physics of White Dwarfs, Black Holes and Neutron Stars
Strong-field quantum field theory
Magnetic and relativistic stellar structure

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