Exam Centres

All students are welcome to take their exam in Vancouver during the scheduled final exam time.  No registration is required for the on-campus exam.

If you cannot be in Vancouver for the final exam, you will need to arrange an invigilator, and the list below may be helpful.

In-person invigilation is required, so the online options (e.g. ProctorU or Proctorio) listed at the websites below are not available for you.


United States

Other Countries

Students who live outside of Canada and the United States must write their examination at an approved post-secondary institution, Canadian Embassy, British Council office, or use an invigilator who meets specific guidelines.

British Council Testing Services (a partial list)

A proposed invigilator may be:

  • a professor or instructor at a recognized public post secondary institution;
  • a full-time administrative or professional staff member of a recognized public or private post-secondary institution;
  • a full-time administrative or professional staff member of a public library or a library in a public school;
  • a full-time administrative or faculty staff member of a public or private elementary or secondary school;
  • a full-time human resources professional who works in a dedicated HR department;
  • a ranking officer in the Armed Forces;
  • an official at an embassy or consulate office.

A proposed invigilator may not be a friend, neighbour, co-worker, supervisor, family member, or relative of the student, and may not live at the same address as the student. Exceptions may be considered for students who live in remote communities and who do not have access to one of the individuals from the above categories within a 100 km radius of the student’s residence.